Recycling is the law. As of now, if your recyclables are commingled with your garbage, they will not be picked up and you’ll receive a red sticker.

Don’t let your garbage be left behind. Make recycling a priority. Please keep glass, plastics, metal and paper (including newspaper, magazines, catalogs and junk mail) out of your garbage.

Read this important Guide to Curbside Recycling in Westchester (PDF Link).

Visit the website to learn more about recycling guidelines. You can also call the Recycling Help Line at (914) 813-5420 for more information or if you have additional questions.

If your city, town or village sanitation department picks up your recyclables, can contact your Municipal Recycling Office directly. If you have a private hauler, contact them. If you live in an apartment building, your building manager or superintendent can tell you how trash should be separated in your building.

New Rochelle Refuse Collection Days Schedule 2014: View/Download (PDF)

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